Minder Research, Inc TM2BRASS Tireminder® Tpms (Minder)

Minder Research, Inc TM2BRASS Tireminder® Tpms (Minder)


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Product Description

The TireMinder® is designed specifically for RVs, trailers and motorhomes, gives both visual AND audible warnings for pressure loss and high tire temperature- BEFORE THE BLOW-OUT! Key for most owners - if tire loses 3 psi within 2 minutes, the entire system lights up, a red light flashes, unit "beeps" rapidly, exact tire position flashes and icon appears which essentially lets the driver know to "Get off the road - NOW". For RVs and Moderate Industrial Use. Pressure Range 0-145 psi, and monitors up to 22 wheels with accuracy to within 2.7%. Replaceable CR1632 batteries (minimum 1 year life expectancy). One year warranty.


  • SKU253580
  • Model: 777-TM2BRASS
  • UPC barcode: 775053600209
  • 17 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: MINDER RESEARCH, INC
  • Description: Extra Brass Transmitters
  • Pack: 2


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